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    Modern Canvas Art™ is THE place to buy canvas prints and canvas paintings. Our discounted art is very affordable and with over two thousand designs to choose from we can safely say that - whatever you choose - your wall will look a whole lot better with an original artwork from Modern Canvas Art™. Ultra cool canvases, all ready to hang on gallery-wrapped frames and quality that you will just not get anywhere else. Give us a try and you’ll be back for more.
    AFFORDABLE, HIGH QUALITY canvas artwork GUARANTEED to give your home the WOW FACTOR!
    Browse through our categories (our Banksy and movie wall pieces are the most popular) and you will be sure to find a piece of artwork that would look just perfect on your wall. Our pieces are delivered to your door framed and ready to hang (with the exception of our "old masters" original reproduction paintings) and is supplied in the following formats:
    Canvas Prints

    Canvas Prints

    High quality, digital pop art prints and photo canvas prints in pop art and photographic styles. Each pieces is printed to order on a superior quality canvas using state-of-the-art technology and then  professionally stretched gallery-wrap style over a chunky box frame.
    Canvas Paintings

    Canvas Paintings

    Stunning, rich and vibrant themed fine art and popart paintings on canvas created by hand and totally bespoke. Our artists are exceptionally talented and you will not find better canvas popart or fine art. Every one of our pieces is unique and painted to order and arrive at your door ready-to-hang.
    Split-Panel Canvas Paintings

    Multi-Panel Paintings

    Totally handpainted from scratch - contemporary multi-panel canvas paintings in a variety of themes - all produced bespoke to order and designed to be arranged in “sections” on your wall. A real design statement, these affordable canvas artworks will stand the test of time.

    The latest from our blog...

    The Modern Canvas Art blog aims to give you a little bit of insight and information surrounding the subjects and themes of the art we sell here at this website. We aim to delight, educate and inform. Well, we try..

    England World Cup 1970 16th July 2014....The FIFA World Cup is over for another four years and we ask ourselves again, why are England not as good at football any more as we like to think they should be? I've got a couple of ideas and here they are. I'm no expert of course, but I have one or two thoughts. If problems are identified will anyone solve them? Read more...
    Spam spam spam 20th October 2013....It's nice to get some comments on the blog every now and again, especially more so when they are the type of comments you would usually refer to as "spam" comments. But are they from real people with genuine nice things to say? Perhaps they are and I want to find out. Really though, if you want to be taken seriously then don't go over the top with your praise. We already know we've get the best canvas artwork money can buy. Read more...
    Ugly Woman Painting 8th October 2013....There are some stories you can't make up in life and here's another one. A retired Hampshire couple recently took delivery, by complete surprise, of a painting depicting an old woman. An "ugly" old woman as the Internet has daubed her. For Keith and Sue Webb the whole thing was a bit of a mystery - not least who sent it to them, why they did it and who exactly the woman in the painting is supposed to be. We're none the wiser too. Read more...
    Warhol pop art sketch from the 1930s 3rd August 2013....We all dream of picking something up in a boot sale or jumble sale for a few coins, taking it home and realising you have got something priceless on your hands. It doesn't happen very often though, as the BBC programme "Bargain Hunt" regularly testifies. A man from Tiverton, however, thought he was on to a good thing when he bought what he claims to be an original Andy Warhol sketch at a garage sale. Does anyone believe him though? Read more...

    Recovered Picture Created by Ian Dury in the 1960s

    27th July 2013.....Ian Dury is famous for his music, most notably with his band The Blockheads. What is not so well known about Dury is that before his music career he was an aspiring artist - and a pop artist at that. Dury studied at the Royal College of Art in the 1960s and recently some very rare artistic works that Dury created long before he became famous have been uncovered. A free exhibition now allows the public to see what he did for the very first time. Read more...

    See No Evil Hear No Evil in Bristol

    25th July 2013.....In the old days graffiti used to be a bit rubbish. Stylised "tagged" words on the side of underground trains were a bit boring and meaningless to the general public. As well as that they only meant something to the person who had done the tagging in the first place. Now it has all changed. It brings in tourists by the thousands (witness the Banksy exhibition) and in some cases it is even legal. The "See No Evil Hear No Evil" project in Bristol leads the way. Read more...

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